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Big Idea: Prior to European contact there were well established Indigenous social constructs including: education, spirituality, political and economic systems. These systems were influenced and developed within the cultural area in which Nations resided.

Focus Questions:

  1. Describe the cultural area of the Sto:lo people.
  2. How did this cultural area influence and guide the development of the political systems of the Sto:lo?
  3. How is the cultural area evident within the spirituality of the Sto:lo?
  4. The abundance of resources within the Sto:lo territory led to the development of an trading economic system. Explain the resources traded and the parties whom this trade system would involve.
  5. Describe the Traditional Educational Process of the Sto:lo People.

Print Resources:

I am Sto:lo – Keith Carlson, Sonny Mchalsie

Cedar Tree Story, Salmon Story, Xa:ytem Story

Mapping of Traditional Nations- what trade items were available in each?





Digital Resources:

Click Here to learn about the importance of Oral Traditions 

Click Here to learn about Fishing Since Time Immemorial 

“people successfully governed their traditional fisheries for thousands of years, prior to contact.  This was not just because there were laws and rules in place, and that everybody followed them, but there was also a different way of thinking about fish and fishing, which included a profound respect….