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Big Idea:  It is our responsibility to understand and respect that reconciliation means different things to different people.  Schools need to teach Aboriginal history, even though there are sensitive topics. In learning together, we facilitate the process of truth and reconciliation. (It is the journey of the people who attended residential school and our journey to honour and respect their stories and learn)

Inquiry Question: What are authentic ways we can honour the reconciliation process in our hearts, thoughts and deeds? (Core Competency – Personal Social)


Video Resources:

The 2 videos below show Mission students participating in acts of Reconciliation at the site of St. Mary’s Residential School

Digital Resources:

Lesson Plans and Resources for Orange Shirt Day : From The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. Includes lesson outlines and suggested resources for Grades K-3,  4-8 and 9-12.  Also includes additional resources. Many of the resources mentioned can be found in the Siwal Si’wes Digital Library and in our Siwal Si’wes Library’s physical collection. (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School)