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Big Idea:

The forced implementation of the Indian Residential Schools had significant impacts on the Indigenous peoples and on their culture.

Focus Questions:

  • How did the children’s lives change when they were forcibly removed from their homes (and culture) and taken to the Indian Residential Schools?
  • What experiences did the Indian Residential Schools establish for the children attending these schools?
  • How do you think the children felt about their experiences at the Indian Residential Schools?
  • Upon return to their homes, how were the children affected by their experiences in the Indian Residential Schools?
  • What were the repercussions felt by the children who attended the Indian Residential Schools? How had the children changed? How were they now viewed by family and community members? (questioning and confusion of clash of cultures)
  • What are the historical facts surrounding the Indian Residential Schools regarding and colonization and assimilation?
  • What do the testimonies of Indian Residential School survivors reveal about the truth?

Digital Resources:

Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation (FNESC): Teacher Resource Guide Grade 5

(Print copies of this resource are also available at the Siwal Si’wes library.)


Print Resources:

Teacher Resource Guide Grade 5 (FNESC & FNSA Literature Resources):



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Video Resources:

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