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Big Idea:

The concept of reconciliation can be fairly abstract, especially to younger students. Reconciliation can take a variety of forms and is individual, meaning that what it looks like for one person may be different than what it looks like for another. This is a largely because we have had different life experiences. When we think of reconciliation in terms of reconciling the past, especially for survivors of the Indian residential Schools, we must remember that it is their journey.

Focus Questions:

  • Think of a time when you felt that someone intentionally wronged you, or hurt you. How did you feel? How was the situation reconciled or resolved?
  • What does reconciliation mean for you?
  • What was lost by the children who attended the Indian Residential Schools? What was lost by the families of the children who attended these schools?
  • How can we help others understand the impacts of the Indian Residential Schools?
  • How can we preserve the historical legacy of the Indian Residential Schools?

Video Resources:

The 2 videos below show Mission students participating in acts of Reconciliation at the site of St. Mary’s Residential School

April 1, 2017, Mission Students, Elders and District Staff participated in the Reconciliation Pole Raising at UBC in Vancouver

On April 1, 2017, a bus carrying Elders, Survivors, Aboriginal Leadership Students, Teachers, Administrators and community members went to UBC to witness the raising of James Hart’s “Reconciliation Pole”.  The following video documents that journey of Reconciliation.

Digital Resources:

Lesson Plans and Resources for Orange Shirt Day : From The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. Includes lesson outlines and suggested resources for Grades K-3,  4-8 and 9-12.  Also includes additional resources. Many of the resources mentioned can be found in this SWSW Digital Library and in our SWSW Library’s physical collection. (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School)