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Big Idea:

World views are developed and dependent upon our geographical, cultural and familial influences related to honouring and respecting the history of our local area.

Inquiry Question: 

How can our exploration of Aboriginal values across the globe promote change and create a positive learning environment for ourselves, our students, our families and our land? (Core Competency – Thinking)

Sto:lo Past and Present was graciously loaned to the Mission School District 75 by the Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre.  (Please note that this documentary may use some “dated” terminology regarding Canada’s First Peoples)

The Seven Sacred Teachings : From the Calgary Board of Education, Piitoayis Family School, each of the seven teachings are described.

Click the following bold hyperlink to explore some excellent K-3 In Our Own Words resources by: FNESC (First Nations Education Steering Committee) reviewed and approved resources list for primary grades. As a tool to support teacher’s exploration and sharing of resources in this document,