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Sememlat Kwoles Ye Selyolexwe (Elders Corner)

The Elders would like all visitors to this website to know that “none of these teachings are forced upon you.  These lessons are not meant to offend but are offered with Respect, Honour and Trust”.

This entire Website and All learning resources are the result of the courageous efforts of our Elders and Survivors. We Thank you for sharing the Truth with us!


Front left: Awehpineqw / Florence Louie, Tixen / Agnes Giesbrecht

2nd Row Left: Randy Cairns, Kolitelot Meli / Connie Moojelski, Hee ai glesh nah / Joe Ginger, Jody Shaw

3rd Row Left: Qi7men / Nicholas Louie, Bill Wells, Cyril Pierre, Marcy Buell, Joe Heslip

Below: Xaytlem / Neil Philips,Hee ai glesh nah / Joe Ginger, Tateyah / Phyllis Wright, Kookya / Priscilla Wells, Cyril Pierre, Tixten / Agnes Giesbrecht, Kolitelot Meli / Connie Moojelski

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*A big thank you to Mem.xa / Elanor Stephenson, Philomena Fraser and Sioliya / June Quipp as well, for their contributions to this curriculum.

Neil Phillips’ Views on Precontact, lifestyles, beliefs, trade, etc.

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Cyril Pierre on Religion, Traditions, Foods


Click this link or the following picture to learn of one of the stories that have passed down the generations

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