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Big Idea: What was the historical context in which the “Mission Indian Residential Schools” were initiated and how did they conflict with the traditional lifestyle of those who attended the schools.

 Focus Questions:

  1. Describe the historical purpose of “Mission Indian Residential Schools”?
  1. Illustrate your understanding of the context in which the first School was initiated and what led to what followed in Mission?
  1. Given your understanding of the pre-contact social, political, spiritual and educational constructs of the Sto:lo Nation, what was the loss of those who attended these schools?
  1. How would this collision of world views impact contemporary relations between Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal people?

 Print Resources:

Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation (FNESC)

Teacher Resource Guide Grade 10 & Grade 11/12


Teacher Resource Guide Grade 10, 11/12 (FNESC References & Resources):

Click the links below for “Amongst God’s Own” lesson plans

Amongst God’s Own Teacher Resource Guide Grade 10

Amongst God’s Own Teacher Resource Guide Grade 11

Amongst God’s Own Teacher Resource Guide Grade 12

amongst god's own

(The following resources are available through the Siwal Si’wes Library.  The complete list of resources and references is available in the FNESC Teacher’s Guide.)

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Digital Resources:

Click here for archival pictures, an interactive map and documentation of St. Mary’s from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Below are a selection of primary and secondary source documents for online student research from the FNESC Grade 10-12 Teachers Guide.

Primary Source Documents:

Secondary Sources:

Aboriginal Healing Foundation:

First Nations Leadership Council Backgrounder: History of Canada’s Indian Residential School System.

Historical Time line From 1700s to the Present Union of BC Indian Chiefs time line of history of contact and relationships with First Nations and newcomers.

Indigenous Foundations:

Legacy of Hope Foundation:

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada:

Video Resources:

The documentary below highlights the experiences of survivors Cyril Pierre, Joseph Ginger and the intergenerational impact that Residential Schools has had upon Dallas Yellowfly and countless other Indigenous peoples.

  • (Teachers, please preview before presenting to your class as this documentary may trigger some students and staff.)

Click Here to get Grade 10-12 Lesson Plans

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The video below outlines a comprehensive history of Canada and the implementation of Residential Schools:

Please visit these sections of the Siwal Si’wes Digital Library for an extensive collection of articles, videos and lessons: